PRO FF&E                                                                                   A company tradition for over 3 Generationssince 1932.


Hans Peter Proff was born in 1955 in Saarbrücken, Germany.

Already his grandfather and his father have dedicate their entire work-lives to the production and trade of products in the fields of furniture and home textile industries. Mr. Proff itself has been operating successfully in this industry now for over 40 years. Already in his early years he had begun to make contacts with hotel chains and their connection houses in Germany and abroad. Many travel around the world brought him new connections and contacts and thus more experience and new knowledge about the hospitality industry. His lead involvement in many major facility projects of large luxury hotels, but also a variety of smaller or medium-sized enterprises, from their design to completion have shaped him and made a competent consultant. He would be happy to support and consult you for your upcoming hotel projects..


Hans Peter Proff
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